James Humphrey
Software professional with a passion for playing, coaching and advocating for tennis in Godfrey, Illinois.
"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation."

~ Arthur Ashe

About James

  • Software Professional and Technology Leader (LinkedIn)
  • I'm passionate about helping those around me be happy, healthy and productive and am at my best when delivering software solutions to the biggest opportunities.

James and Tennis

  • Committee member of Simpson Memorial Tennis Program
    • Tournament director for 3 Alton tournaments (2012-present)
    • USTA Junior Tournament of the Year - Alton Jr 6-Hour (2022)
    • USTA Adult Tournament of the Year - Bud Simpson Open (2021)
    • USTA Gold Star recipient (2020)
    • Revitalize Gordon Moore Tennis Center (2017)
  • Parent Coach for Alton High Boys Tennis (2019-present)
    • Awarded: "America's Top Serving Coach" :)
  • Creator of TennisMaps (2003-present)
    • Partnered with USTA to merge facilities database to complete US inventory

Get Playing!

Past Tennis

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